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1η Ημερίδα ImmigrationPolicy2.0

February 14th 2011 – Berlin
The consortium of the European Project ImmigrationPolicy2.0 organizes an international workshop (“First ImmigrationPolicy2.0 Workshop”) on the topic opportunities and requirements of migration policies harmonization in the European Union. Its aim is to provide experts in the field of economic immigration and structural integration of third country nationals’ information on the project and to achieve impulses for the development of a beneficial online tool.
The project runs under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission (CIP-ICT-PSP-2009-3). Using a range of advanced ICT technologies its main objective is to offer the opportunity for legal immigrants, policy makers, public administrators and experts in the domain of migration, to contribute their valuable knowledge and experience in order to enhance effectively at a European level current efforts of migration policies harmonization as well as to help identify existing gaps comparing to E.C. directives.
EU-wide harmonization of immigration policies is a long standing and challenging issue, given the need to compromise numerous national immigration policy proposals, practices and procedures towards common, balanced, harmonized and effective EU policies. Collaboration between various stakeholders including politicians and decision makers, but also citizens and the civil society, is deemed essential to alleviate the heterogenity of the various policies, regulations and viewpoints.