The aims of the Non-Governmental Organization I.ME.PO include:

conduct research and studies concerning the immigration issue in Greece;
organize scientific meetings, conferences, lectures, forums, co operational and training workshops, ballots and other activities interconnected with immigration;
monitor the development of the migratory phenomenon in Greece in sectors that are acutely connected with education, work, residence, health, social security services and the integration of the immigrants in the Greek society, in the Information Society (e-government, e-democracy, e-business) and digital economy;


perform awareness and dissemination activities involving both citizens and immigrants on migration developments;
seek cooperation with national, European and international public and private sectors (Public organizations, Institutes, Foundations, Organizations, NGO’s etc);
establish a targeted, enriched library with migration related information assets;

publish magazines, books, scientific studies, best practices, reports on subjects concerning immigration;
participate in funding programs, studies, competitions, tenders and any other action/activity fundamentally connected with immigration, social cohesion and social integration matters.